Technical Information

Installed Sound Equipment

  • Mixing Console — Behringer X32 with stereo & multi-track recording capability
  • Main Speakers — (5) JBL PRX 612M (1000 Watts each) above stage
  • Subwoofers — (2) JBL 618SXLF (1000 Watts each) below stage
  • Stage Monitors — (4) Samson 612M (300 Watts each) moveable wedges
  • Mic Snakes — (3) Pro Co Stagemaster 804 each w/ (8) XLR and (4) 1/4″ TRS
  • Direct Boxes — (4) Art DualZ Direct Passive (each has two inputs + splitter)

Microphones On Hand

  • Sennheiser e835 Vocal Mics (5)
  • Sennheiser 3614 Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics (3)
  • Shure SM57 Instrument Mics (2)
  • Audix DP-5A Mic Pack for Drums: (1) i5; (2) D-2; (1) D-4; (1) D-6

Installed Stage Lighting

  • Luminair for iPad DMX control app
  • Enttec ODE (converts iPad data to DMX stream)
  • Spots — (6) ADJ 64B RGB LED Pro Spots
  • Overheads — (6) ADJ MegaPar Profile RGB LEDs; (4) ADJ Profile Panel RGB LEDs
  • Front Wash — (2) ADJ Profile Panel RGB LEDs
  • Rear Wash — (4) ADJ Profile Panel RGB LEDs

We can accomodate most artist-provided in-ear monitor systems (up to 10 individualized monitor mixes from our console) as well as most wireless mics.


Sound Recording Services

We can provide a multi-track recording of your performance with each console input recorded to its own track. Tracks will be available as individual WAV files or re-mixed down to stereo. Recording can take place during concerts or you can book the room to record anytime without an audience as well.  Please contact in advance if you are interested in recording services.

Upcoming Events